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The JULIUS-K9®  since 1997 is a european company which has an important role on the market of dog accessories and sportswear. The secret of its worldwide success that it makes available the quality and design of service dog accessories for any dog owner. It created a fashion style, the dogharness with removable labels became the first ‘talking’ dog accessory. That products can make a special human-canine contact and provide messages with funny, strange and useful texts on the labels. Nowadays millions of dogs uses Julius-K9 and IDC accessories showing to the world (even to those people who aren’t dog owners) how important are these wonderful creatures in our society.
I’s important to spend on testing and developing the products as well, but a considerable part of the company’s revenue goes to animal welfare activities. To top off this in 2014 it had a great part to found a dog shelter and rehabilitation center called Ebarvahaz and still actively involved in its work.

few words about Julius K9:

Julius-K9 was the first company in Europe to manufacture dog harnesses, protective equipment and other accessories for dog owners under the K9 brand name. The technical experts of the company have mainly developed their reputation for creating the dog harnesses, using original technical solutions for these products not used before. In 2003 the manufacturing company justly awarded the term “Power” to its dog harnesses, after all the second largest Austrian police training centre and fire service used them with excellent results during their actual roles as emergency services.

  • Julius K-9 manufacturing probably the best dog handling and training equipment in the world.
  • most of the parts were made in Germany!
  • The quality is unrivalled, our prices unbeatable.
  • Used by most of the european police, armed services, prisons, customs and commercial security.
  • We have a life time of association with working trials, agility and obedience. Our products are based upon the practical demands of a working dog team.
  • We can guarantee that our products are unequalled in quality and finish, and unbeatable on cost.
  • Easy handling
  • Very popular in Germany and Europe.

Company profile

JULIUS (Gyula) Sebő,
entrepreneur, inventor – creator of the Julius-K9 brand, writer, musician


  • the inventor of harnesses with Velcro labels was born in Hungary (1970).
  • Originally, he graduated from a polytechnic of architecture in Budapest
  • 1990-1994 – member of the trainers’ group of Budapest Rottweiler Club
  • 1994-1996 – member of the trainers’ group of Vienna German Shepherd Association
  • 1996-2000 – harness maker studies at Neizer harness maker workshop




  • the Julius-K9 company was founded as Julius Export 2000 Bt, a family enterprise in 1997
  • The first demands came from police units with service dogs. The first products (muzzles, leashes etc.) were supplied to Austrian and Hungarian companies and authorities.



  • The company cooperates with 9 subcontractors. 
  • The main market is Austria. In addition to HILAN, A.W. Barth Friedrich Heindl companies, more and more retailers join the group of Julius-K9 retail partners. The main users of K9 products are primarily police units with service dogs, military units and dog-owners’ associations.



Tremendous growth

  • Julius-K9’s harnesses are presented to the international public under the name of K9-Power (World Expo VDH/Dortmund)
  • Julius-K9 Bt., operating near Budapest, supplies almost all European countries with its products. The entire development, manufacturing and logistics process is managed through a family enterprise in Hungary, with the cooperation of  several employees and subcontractors. Retail dealer specialists receive the K9 products through wholesalers.




  • Julius-K9 is a regular participant of various fairs and expos (Berlin, Munich, Erfurt, Dortmund, Friedrichshafen, Udine, Budapest) the first international brand dealerships are founded
  • the first international brand dealerships are founded
  • Julius-K9 participates in charity activities, sponsors the establishment of an orphanage for the Hungarian subsidiary of the Baptist Charity Service, supports dog events and foundations worldwide, acts as main sponsor of VDH and concludes sponsorhip contracts with special rescue units (Rescue 24, K9 Suchhundezentrum)
  • The company’s name is changed in 2008: Julius-K9 Bt.
  • the number of international brand dealerships grows at a rate never seen before
  • Julius-K9 products are regularly presented in the media
  • Julius-K9 dog harnesses win the first place in a test conducted by independent, professional dog trainers assigned by VDR Television.
  • In order to reduce the distribution of copies, the upgrades are submitted to the patent offices as usage and design samples.



  • Julius-K9 develops its new product line, the IDC product line and submits 20 inventions to the Hungarian Patent Office within a year
  • The use of German materials in Julius-K9 products increases to 70%
  • IDC harnesses are first presented at the Dortmund Dog Expo
  • Julius-K9 becomes a direct supplier of the Austrian Mega Zoo chain
  • he company becomes a direct supplier of the a German and Austrian Futterhaus stores
  • Julius-K9 entrusts TRIXIE, a pet equipment manufacturer and distributor, to sell the old K9-Powerharnesses developed in 1997.



  • Brand dealerships operate in 21 countries
  • The group of companies manufacturing the Julius-K9 products become one of Europe’s largest dog equipment manufacturers
Julius K9 IDC powerharnesses size 1-4

Perfect ergonomics


Thanks to a major development of the IDC Powerharness the chest strap forwards the power lines of  the leash with almost no breakage.

idc kutyaham 23

Breathable, skin friendly inner liner

eco-texNormally we don't pay enough attention to these great properties.The OECO-TEX material is manufactured by the highest standards of human clothing manufactures.

crash-tested  Heavy duty buckles

The high-quality buckles of an IDC-Powerharness are permanently tested and checked. This careful attention worth especially in wintertime: these buckles work perfectly and don't break even in frosty weather.

dog-haness-reflectivereflective  Reflective edges and chest strap

One of the important functions of an IDC-Powerharness is that it works well also as a visibility vest. The grey line of the chest strap and the edges of the harness are made of reflective materials, so the walking dog is visible in the dark even from a bigger distance.

Sidebag fixing option


Sidebags are available in 3L and 4L versions for the bigger Powerharness sizes from 0 to 4. A smaller IDC-Universal sidebag is also available since 2013. With a 250 ccm capacity it's ideal to carry personal documents, vaccination papers, cell-phone and dog treats.
dog-harness-sidebag-1   dog-harness-side-bag

Torch holder

torchholder 1

The torch holder is with rubber, so it gives high stability, the torch can not slip out of the holder. It's useful for night walks too if we would to follow our dog. Thanks to the ergonomic design you don't have to worry that your dog can be blocked because of the loops. The torch holder was made of high quality German materials. It allows to use sidebags simultanously.

It's essential for search and rescue dogs and for every service dogs which are working in the dark.


Removable Velcro labels

There are about 600 different Velcro labels on stock, but you can order also a customized one especially for your dog. The IDC-Powerharness comes complete with a pairs of  fluorescent JULIUS-K9 series label which glows in the dark.

 kutyaham-oldalferirat4 kutyaham-oldalfeirat-3 kutyaham-oldalfeirat

Handle lock with new snaps

The new handle fixing option of the IDC-harness allows 4 different variations. You can fix the only the steel ring, only the handle, both of them or none of them. With these you can minimize the dog's chance of being blocked. It's really important especially for hunting dogs, search- and rescue dogs.
Note: If the dog is blocked by the bushes at a place that is not visible, the IDC-Powerharness allows free movement backwards, so the dog can escape.


Available with safety lock in black color

The Velcro mounting safety lock was developed in 2004 by Julius-K9 especially for service dogs. This practical accessory increases by 60 kg the load capacity of the buckle under the chest. Ensures safe use even in case of damaged (chewed) buckles. It's used by police service dog unit of London since 2013.
Color: black
Code: 16IDC-P[size]+

Certified Quality

Highest quality certified by independent crash test. The buckle of the product has opened at 300 kg, but the harness itself did not break.

dog-harness 32

Technical data:

Main differences between K9-Powerharness (1997) and IDC-powerharness (2010):

    1. IMAGE
    2. VIDEO
Dog harness size Chest circumference Weight of the dog Code
1 63 - 85 cm / 26 - 33.5 in 23 - 30 kg / 50,5 - 66 lbs 16IDC-[Color code]-1
2 71 - 96 cm / 28 - 37.5 in 28 - 40 kg / 61,5 - 88 lbs 16IDC-[Color code]-2
3 82 - 115 cm / 32.5 - 46.5 in 40 - 70 kg / 88 - 154 lbs 16IDC-[Color code]-3
4 96-138 cm / 38 - 54.5 in 70-90 kg / 154 - 198 lbs 16IDC-[Color code]-4


colors-01 colors-02 colors-03 colors-04 colors-05 colors-06 colors-07 colors-08 colors-09 colors-10 colors-11 colors-12 colors-13 colors-14 colors-15

Washing instructions:

Do not Machine wash! By hand at 40°C or lower.

 Hand wash
 Don't bleach
 Don't iron
 Don't dry clean
Don't tumble dry

Patent office registration number:

  • U09 00241
  • U10 00002
  • 001632258-0001
  • 402010004256-0003
  • 402010005060-0006
  • 402010005060-0007
  • 402010005060-0008
  • 402010005060-0012


Quality control

The quality control of the materials and of the products is made by innova text logo (Textile Engineering and Testing Institute Co.)



The following trademark guarantee you that you have bought an original JULIUS-K9® product:
Originale K9
dog-harness 32


idc kutyaham pic 03  
idc kutyaham pic 05  
idc kutyaham pic 07 
idc kutyaham pic 08

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