Discount for members of Security Services!



Discount for members of Security Services!

Are you a member of security services such as

  • Police
  • Federal Police
  • Customs
  • Army
  • Fire Department
  • Private Security Services?

We support your work with a discount on all items in our Julius K9 online store!

Just send us (as proof of your membership of the above Services) your ID card (by fax or via e-mail) and we grant you an immediate discount of 10% on each order! Of course we protect your identity and delete upon receipt and inspection your submissions!

After we have received your fax or your e-mail we will send you a discount code via e-mail, which deducted 10% from your ordered parts in the end of the orderform.

Here are our contact details for the discount:

Fax: +49 5161-4812879  (note on the fax your e-mail address, so we can send you the discount code).

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